About us

We are a Team of Artists,
Directors, Producers, Editors and
Video Experts.

Our award-winning creative team will guide you through the process from planning the best type of video for your message, through production, editing, delivery, and distribution.

We put social responsibility first, using video as a medium to capture
our interconnectivity as humans in a way that is both beautiful and
relatable. We strive to collaborate with conscious companies whose products, services, and missions add harmony to the world.

Meet the Team

Darren Durlach

Director, Founder

Darren’s tireless focus on refining footage into a beautiful and captivating narrative stems from more than a decade of meticulously crafting impactful award-winning films. His unique skill of pulling raw stories out of natural conversation is what makes his work compelling. Darren believes that motion pictures is the most powerful medium for showing fascinating stories of ordinary people and driving human connection. Most recently, Darren co-directed “Throw,” a moving shortfilm that won Director’s Choice award at Telluride Mountainfilm and a Vimeo Staff Pick.

David Larson

Director, Founder

Dave is a disciplined photographer and an intuitive storyteller who uses the human experience as a canvas for creative expression. Dave balances technical savvy and gathering gorgeous cinematic images with his ability to blend into the background to capture real moment-driven stories making his work connect on deeper levels. Dave’s film making talents have garnered him many industry awards. Most recently, David co-directed “Throw,” a moving shortfilm that won Director’s Choice award at Telluride Mountainfilm and a Vimeo Staff Pick.


Jody Weldon

Director of Post Production, partner

Jody is always observing-people he admires, work that moves him, the emotional reactions that come when he watches his final work with stakeholders. A master of pace, finding moments, creating emotion-driven sequences and motion graphics, he lives for the creative intimacy that comes from working with a passionate and engaged team who care about what they are building. Jody has edited short films for clients all over the world and been recognized time and time again for his work with industry awards.

Rebecca McCutcheon


Rebecca is a multifaceted story teller. Her focus is people, her passion is telling their stories. With a Bachelors in Film from Ringling College of Art and design, she continues to form her skill set and is always looking for something new get her hands on. From the edit bay, to a hot set, she isn’t afraid to tackle the awkward or unknown. With the strong belief that we are all naturally good, she hopes to share with her audiences stories that highlight the beauty in us all.

Jessica Schemick


Jessica is not interested in your free form thinking—give her logic, patterns, numbers. She prefers spreadsheets to novels and loves seeing how the heart of a business is pulled together through data. Jessica is a fitness buff and supermom who geeks out over long-term budget forecasting and loves watching ELM evolve and grow over time.

Niki Keser

Account Manager

Niki believes that a happy client starts with an incredible experience. Having worked with various brands such as Nike, Prada and Michael Kors, she knows the importance of understanding high profile brands and the sensitivity of all projects. A trouble shooter by trade she prides herself on providing solutions to ensure every project is executed with white-glove service. Connecting with people is more than a job for Niki, it’s her passion. A passion fueled by understanding her customers and their needs. Shoot her a quick email to see how she can help you!

Nick Hughes

Director of Photography

Nick’s career as a filmmaker began unintentionally almost a decade ago when he realized that his background as a trained musician and avid photographer translated naturally to the moving image. After starting out filming bands in basements and backyards, Nick found his way into the documentary world and fell in love with capturing moments as they unfold. Today, Nick is still fascinated by the power of light, motion, and sound as vehicles for deep connection.

Ezra Pailer

Illustrator & Animator

Ezra’s favorite thing about animation is the way it lets us bridge the world we know with the imaginative worlds we have yet to explore. He is always seeking exciting new ways he can use the mediums of animation to grow as a storyteller, and being part of the ELM team constantly elevates that passion to new levels. In Ezra’s work, he particularly loves tapping into his fine arts background to create unique painterly styles with rich textures and color. As a lifelong lover of creative writing, he knows few greater thrills than bringing inner visions of characters, landscapes, and stories to tangible life.

Kellee Roeder

Illustrator & Animator

Two of Kellee’s favorite things are animation and getting to work collaboratively on animation projects. She loves discussing and bringing life to projects that have the power to connect strongly with others. In her work, she likes to focus on characters and finding ways to tell stories with their movement and design. Kellee’s passion for art is driven by experimentation, so she’s always up for learning new techniques to drive her animations forward to the next level.

Julia Reihs


Julia is a storyteller that comes to ELM from the journalism world (yes, she is a big public radio nerd). In both commercial production and documentary, she brings an eye for deeply human stories that have the power to shape how we see each other in the world. She loves to bring her research-oriented, journalistic approach to filmmaking and dive deep to humanize issues, brands, and everything in between. Her past work has focused on life along the Texas-Mexico border, climate change in Alaska, and the pandemic’s effect on musicians in the Live Music Capital of the World (Austin, TX). When she’s not working, she is a huge swing dance hobbyist and cat enthusiast.