5 Questions for Julia Reihs

Julia Reihs, Producer for Early Light Media

Julia Reihs is a dynamic and talented narrative storyteller whom we plucked from the journalism world to produce stories for ELM and make an impact. We expect really great things from Julia. Check out her fun and insightful answers to 5 questions that we’re asking all of our employees. After you read, feel free to drop her a line and say hello at jreihs@earlylightmedia.com. Enjoy!

Julia Reihs, Producer for Early Light Media

Julia Reihs


Julia is a storyteller that comes to ELM from the journalism world (yes, she is a big public radio nerd). In both commercial production and documentary, she brings an eye for deeply human stories that have the power to shape how we see each other as humans. She loves to bring her research-oriented, journalistic approach to filmmaking and dive deep to humanize issues, brands, and everything in between. Her past work has focused on life along the Texas-Mexico border, climate change on the Copper River Delta of Alaska, and the pandemic’s effect on musicians in the nation’s self-proclaimed Live Music Capital of the World (Austin, TX). When she’s not working, she is a huge swing dance hobbyist and cat enthusiast.

1. What’s your personality type? (choose up to three)

Definitely ENFP-T – the Campaigner

2. Where, who, or what do you draw your creative inspiration from?

There are so many people that have been extremely supportive, encouraging and inspiring throughout my career so far – especially women. For me, this has been crucial to my growth as a visual storyteller. Without hearing other women’s stories and seeing their paths to success, I wouldn’t be where I’m at in this field today. Whenever I’m working through a challenge, having this network to rely on – even if it’s just a quick phone call or e-mail – always gets me through and inspires me to push myself to do things I didn’t know I had it in me to do.

3. Say you’re independently wealthy and don’t have to work, what would you do with your time?

I would definitely turn into one of those people who buys an RV and outfits it to be my home for a cross-country, cross-continental road trip. It would be difficult for me to stop working, so I would gather stories along the way and turn them into a website, hopefully collaborating with other creatives I meet (but I will NOT become an Instagram influencer, just to be clear). When I’m tired of this lifestyle, I would buy a huge house along the Oregon Coast and host as many gatherings with friends as I can handle. The end.

4. What is something unique about you that few people know?

Swing dancing to jazz music is my biggest hobby. A friend invited me to attend a swing class when I was 17 (and then they ditched me) and I have been hooked ever since. For me, nothing compares to the feeling of Lindy Hopping to a live band and improvising on the dance floor.

5. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Get enough sleep. Sounds simple, but it’s actually a rather complicated task that makes a world of a difference when I actually do it. Speaking of which, I’ll set my bedtime reminder right now.

Julia Reihs, Producer for Early Light Media
Julia Reihs, Producer for Early Light Media

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