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An Explainer Video Is Your Best Weapon in Act 2 of Your Story Funnel

Every Brand Needs An Explainer Video


Everyone has some ‘splainin’ to do and your explainer video is the best weapon in act 2 of your story funnel.

Act 2? And what’s a story funnel?

Well, you know what a sales funnel is, right?

Awareness, Consideration, Conversion.

That’s the corporate model. But we’re storytellers, so you know what we see?! That’s right, the three acts of a narrative arc!


Act 1: Awareness

Act 1 is Awareness or the hook! Your lead – or hero, as defined by Joseph Campbell – suddenly has a problem and sets out on an epic adventure.

Meanwhile, your brand – Best Supporting Actor – enters the scene through an awareness campaign or youtube video with an enticing offer.

The hero is intrigued but skeptical. She’s been offered this elixir before!

She’s willing to learn more but one false move and you’re dead!

Act 2: Consideration

Now for Act 2, consideration. You and the hero must square off in a battle of wits.


To be victorious, you and your hero must overcome three trials together: Right solution, Right price, Right results.

Right solution is your very first challenge in the hall of heroes and this is where the explainer video is your weapon of choice!

I know, I know. This is the wrong genre. This is really more of a love story than an epic battle. After all, the challenges here are that of a romantic comedy. You want to win the girl (or boy) and must woo them and work together.

But that’s not quite as fun to imagine as battling Orcs.

As the hero contemplates whether your solution is right, your best move is to offer a sharp explanation of what it is you offer.

The fog must clear before our hero can press on with her trusty steed!

And what is a sharp explanation or an effective explainer video?

  1. First off, keep it short. 90 seconds or less. Your hero is tired and steed is thirsty with more challenges still on the path ahead!
  2. Use animation to explain abstract or complicated thoughts visually with compelling metaphors and illustrations.
  3. Animation is most closely associated with explainer videos, however, you can also film interviews with experts or leaders to keep it straightforward or even use some combination of both.

The Key To A Good Explainer Video

The key is that by the end, a school child understands what you do and your hero has the confidence to blaze forward.

Act 3: The Victory Parade (or the sale)

Assuming the remaining trials are overcome, right price and right results (ask us about our signature testimonial videos to help arm you for this), you have done it.

The hero has made it to act 3, the victory parade.

What a page turner! While in Greek mythology or Hollywood movies, there’s one last dramatic scare just as we think we’re in the clear (think about the zombie we thought was dead who jumps at the hero one last time), we don’t have to worry about that here! Thank heavens.

You have fought well! Now the questions is . . .

Are you prepared for Act 2? Our ELM blacksmiths forge the sharpest explainer videos. If not, shoot us an email and let’s get you ready for battle. (this probably makes more sense as a romantic comedy, but whatever).

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Darren is a film director and co-founder of Early Light Media, a video production agency based in Baltimore. He enjoys writing about storytelling, filmmaking, and video marketing to help organizations communicate more effectively with their audiences.

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