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The Animation Process For Explainer Videos & Films

In this video, we explore the creative animation process with Early Light Media’s lead artist and animator Ezra Pailer.

We discuss the 5 steps of corporate animation or film animation from beginning to end. This includes scripting, conceptualization, storyboarding, animation and delivery.

We also discuss the difference between motion graphics, vector animation and hand-drawn custom illustrations.

And finally, we talk about Ezra’s inspiration and how he continues to come up with incredible concepts for his films and clients.

To watch ‘Willow’ the award-winning film for his thesis film project discussed in our video, check it out here. And to see Ezra’s creative process in more in-depth, check out his blog here

Here’s ELM’s animation process that we’ll be discussing.


Creative brief: The roadmap to a great animated message begins with sharp ideas and thoughtful collaboration. Our team will listen to your goals and work with you to set the creative direction for your explainer video.


Script: Effective language and dynamic visuals go hand-in-hand to set the trail for a great animation. Scripting is the next step in mapping out the educational journey your explainer video will provide for viewers.


Concept art: There are endless possibilities for how we can make your video unique and eye-catching. From corporate vector styles, to animated typography, to custom hand-drawn animation, we will work with you to fully customize the perfect look for your message.


Storyboards: We will present you with thoughtfully crafted storyboards that synthesize language, concept, and style into a detailed blueprint for an exciting animated journey.


Animation: This is where the motion magic happens. All of our collaborative groundwork sets the stage for your story to be put into action. Characters come to life and audio is added to the experience.

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And if you want to see some of our examples check it out. ELM Animations Samples

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