Beer Day Creative Brainstorming Session Take 7

It’s become an annual tradition. Every year, I ask the team to make a video for International Beer Day. It’s a fun exercise and always produces hilarious results. And every year it gets more ridiculous

One year we poured beer all over ourselves in slow motion. I mean, when you have high-end cinema video production equipment, why not film yourselves in slow motion being covered in beer? It seems almost crazy not to. Right?

This year was no exception and I never know what I’m going to get. Here’s a glimpse into what happens when these two crazy guys let their imaginations run wild and capture everything on camera. This is very similar to what happens when we brainstorm creative ideas for our video clients. But obviously when we tailor it towards beer it just gets weird. Also, we happen to be day drinking as well, which just doesn’t help anything. Special shout out to our intern, Olivia, who has a great sense of humor and didn’t mind getting a little silly in the name of entertainment.

What can we say? We like to have fun. And drink beer. And capture it on video.

Cheers to all those who don’t mind that we’re a little crazy! And let us know if you want us to come by and bring you a beer and get it on video! We’ll do it. 🙂



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