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How Your Brand Can Harness the Power of Storytelling?

What is a Good Story?

One of the most consistent methods for consumer engagement is storytelling. A story reveals to your audience the soul of your company, the ways in which you wish your brand to affect your customers and why it makes their lives better. What’s more, an audience that is engaged with your message is more likely to remember and advocate for your brand.

So where do we start? With a good story.

The typical “Once Upon a Time” may not always apply; but in every aspect of life emotions are tested, struggles are overcome and lessons are learned. Within these emotional arcs we find empathy and can begin to understand the moments that connect us.

Human experience shapes who we are as people, so why not shape your brand in the same way? When you’re planning your communications strategy, using simple storytelling techniques is the key to success. The “Hero’s Journey” is a set of plot points that most stories commonly follow.

The Hero’s Journey

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Remember, your brand is unique and everyone’s story is different. This structure can be used to find a new approach to how you want to tell it or discover an element to your story that you have been missing.

Improving Engagement & Recall

When a message is delivered through a story arc, the capacity for your audience to recall becomes greater. Our brains process images sixty times faster text. Facts prove points but a story sparks empathy and improves our ability to remember a message.

Memorable brands consistently use story techniques to push their products or ideas. When you connect your company with authentic aspects of day to day life, your customers will begin visualizing and understanding how your product or idea fits into their own lives. Suddenly, you are no longer the faceless company trying to sell them something, you’re a tangible being who understands them and is trying to make a difference.

Tailoring to Your Medium

Delivering your brand’s story takes time, preparation and plenty of editing. If you’re preparing to share your brand, whether through a blog, e-book, networking event, elevator pitch, or video, the main thing to remember is to tailor your content according to the medium you are using.

For written content, make it concise enough for anyone to read and understand quickly. Use real, “human” language and don’t be afraid to add an element of humor. Think about visually breaking up big chunks of texts with images or videos that further tell your story.

See what I did there?

See what I did there?

When a reader can become fully immersed in the story through visuals and a personal point of view, they will become more engaged with the story.

Video is a medium with unlimited possibilities. In just 30 seconds your entire story has the potential to impact the world. At Early Light Media, we tell our brand story with our video reel. Not only are the images captivating but the voiceover informs the audience of the impact our company strives for with every video we produce.

Bottom Line? Be Authentic

Stories are old as time, and they have been bringing people together since the day they were drawn on cave walls.

Telling your brand’s story means sharing your authentic self with customers. Don’t shy away from that. Embrace the discomfort of letting your customers into your world. Stay true to your story through every aspect of your company. Make it the guiding force in all the content you create, clients you work with and relationships you build.



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