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Stop Selling Yourself. Build Relationships.

Build relationships marketing

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to co-present at The Future of Digital Marketing Conference for Baltimore Innovation Week, with Kara Redman of Backroom.

Together we presented a case study on the process that went into how Backroom developed the Early Light Media brand, but the more I thought about it the more I realized that the key lessons that Kara and I shared go far beyond branding and can also apply to our own approach with clients (at least I hope) and vision for our company:

Work on What Excites You

If we aren’t passionate about the project, we’re destined for failure. We certainly hope that Backroom found us to be passionate about our brand when they worked with us, and we also try to take this approach with every video that we produce. No matter the industry or type of client that we’re working with, we try to find the human story behind the company that energizes us creatively and fuels our passion for each project.

Treat Clients as Partners (Really)

This was something that we truly appreciated in working with Backroom, as we really felt like they had our best interests at heart. They were on our team. In our own experience with clients, we have found time and again that when we can come together with a shared creative vision and common goals, we can go beyond a vendor relationship and be a true partner in bringing the brand or company’s story to life.

Collaboration + Strong Skills = Magic

When experts come together from different backgrounds and perspectives to solve a problem, the result is incredible. Backroom only brought their best team to the table in working with us, from brand strategy, to creative development, to the design and development of our website. And it’s no secret that we love the outcome. Whether it’s a kick-ass designer for a website or a lighting expert for a shoot, bringing the best minds to the table as a collective makes magic.

Did you attend any of the Baltimore Innovation Week events? What were your key takeaways?

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