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5 Ways to Get Creative With Your Video

One thing that we are always mindful of when producing our videos is making sure we are not just contributing to the information landfill. We want our clients videos to stand out and strike a cord with their audience. So here are a few simple, creative ways you can use in your next video endeavor.

Get Animated

Shooting original video takes up a lot of resources, including camera work, production, audio and lighting. Simple animated graphics can be put together fairly quickly and cost-effectively. Many video production companies offer templates if you’re on a very tight budget.

Use a Cinemagraph

Cinemagraphs are a beautiful blend between photography and video, as it’s essentially a still photo with minor elements moving. When done well, the effect is subtle but eye-catching. Cinemagraphs work well on a website, and have also been gaining popularity among brands on channels such as Instagram.

Be a Tease

Videos do not need to be 2-3 minutes long to be effective. Short, 15-30 second teasers can draw your audience into the story. With a short commitment and a big payoff for the viewer, sometimes a short teaser is exactly what you need to increase click through to an online promotion, sweepstakes or event page.

Stock up

Many organizations, especially nonprofits, can make use of historical stock footage, stills, sound bites and special effects to created a compelling story. A professional production team can work with you to combine the assets you already have available, capture the elements you need, and weave them into a memorable video that will inspire, motivate and inform.

Surprise them

You don’t need to create a long video to do something unexpected and original. Remember the “Will it blend video series from Blendtec? Or the YouTube video? Neither of these videos broke the budget, but the idea set them apart. And making your audience laugh may be the best kind of emotional connection you can hope for.

Success for a small business often means making sacrifices, but a little creativity will go a long way toward your bottom line.

Dave Larson

About Dave Larson

Dave is a disciplined photographer and an intuitive storyteller who uses the human experience as a canvas for creative expression. Dave balances technical savvy and gathering gorgeous cinematic images with his ability to blend into the background to capture real moment-driven stories making his work connect on deeper levels.

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