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[Infographic] 9 YouTube SEO Tips to Sky-Rocket Your Video Engagement in 2020

Dominating YouTube

It’s no secret that brands should be utilizing video production & strategy as all research and marketing experts are all pointing to enormous gains when done correctly. For most brands that means especially using YouTube (the second largest search engine).

But how can you cut through all the noise?

We put together this infographic of 9 techniques you can use to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Check it out! After you scroll through the infographic there’s a little more context on each one of these at the bottom.



Here are the strategies again

  1. In your title, Front-load your keyword. This one is pretty self explanatory. If you’re selling vacuum cleaners then you’ll want that in the front of the title.
  2. Boost comments. This tells youtube that your content is engaging and they will automatically give you a boost.
  3. T.A.B. Formula. Most people add way too many keywords to their posts. Keep it simple so your keywords don’t actually canabalize themselves and confuse Youtube.
  4. Click-through-rate magnet thumbnails. That’s a mouthful but it’s pretty simple. When you search a topic on youtube there are a lot of videos that pop up. Use colors that stand out and large, concise text on your thumbnail. Getting more click-throughs tells youtube that your video is intesting and they give you a boost.
  5. Write mini blog posts. This is in regards to your video’s description. It’s pretty simple. Just as google is now rewarding webpages that have more copy, the same is also true for youtube. The more you write, the more youtube understands what the content is about.
  6. Boost Video length. One of the most common questions we get is ‘how long should my video be?’ The answer is that it’s complicated. But Youtube is now rewarding videos of longer length.
  7. Write Strong Titles. This is true in the sense of catching the viewer’s attention like a good book or movie title. But there are also a few tricks that can help too. The human mind is a strange place and research is clear that using something simple as a parathesis boosts CTR by 38%! Match this with strategy number 9, use the year in your title. It’s a clue that this content is up to date.
  8. Rank in suggested video. Here’s a link to Vid IQ which you can use to find competitor’s keywords helping you get ranked in suggested videos. This is basically just riding your competitor’s wave and helpful little trick.
  9. Use the current year in your title. This is especially true if the video is educational in nature so is timely content.

That’s it for now!

Go forth and conquer your video marketing, Ladies and Gents. If you need guidance on your video strategy or need videos produced, contact our team of award winning producers and strategists.

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