Nightmare on ELM Street

Nightmare on ELM Street

Happy Halloween, everyone! Whatever you do … don’t fall asleep … seriously, at least not during the film or you’ll miss the big twist at the end.


We like to have a little bit of at Early Light Media headquarters and every once in a while we take a little too far. Hey, we’re a super creative video team and why not? This production was literally one day. We got inspired, bought a pumpkin and just starting doing. Dave was a little too good as a psycho and Jody gives an oscar award-winning performance as the conflicted goon. So does Alex and Darren for that matter!

Here are the outtakes to prove that we’re totally normal. Not psycho in the least. At least mostly not psycho. Maybe a tiny bit deranged.

Let us know if you ever want a fun social video like this for your holiday culture videos. They don’t need to be huge, costly productions. Just have a script and have some fun. All we did for this was come up with a silly idea, get some team players, buy a pumpkin and slam together a quick edit. #tooeasy. Give us a shout if it’s something you’d like to do!

Enjoy and happy Halloween! Love Early Light Media



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