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Storyteller Spotlight: Rob Weinhold

Rob Weinhold

This month for our Storyteller Spotlight series, we are highlighting Rob Weinhold, author of “The Art of Crisis Leadership,” and Chief Executive of Baltimore-based reputation agency Fallston Group.

Rob Weinhold is the Chief Executive of Fallston Group, a global reputation agency focused on strategic marketing & PR, crisis & issue leadership and safety & security. He is also the co-author of “The Art of Crisis Leadership,” a must-read book for leaders and the PR professionals who advise them. Coincidentally, he’s also our neighbor in our new office in Canton. We sat down with Rob to talk about the role of storytelling in his business and in crafting his book.

Rob wrote the “The Art of Crisis Leadership” with New York Times best-selling writer Kevin Cowherd. The non-fiction book offers behind-the-scenes perspectives on notable crises around the country as well as high-profile Baltimore cases, such as the Cafe Hon trademarking issue, Ed Norris’ conviction and Ray Rice’s domestic abuse scandal.

You used a unique format for “The Art of Crisis Leadership,” which broke up each lesson into complete “stories” by chapter – can you tell us why you chose that format for your book?

Real results, real people, real emotion.”

Your book and your work focus on helping people during life’s most critical times, often when your clients are facing a professional or personal crisis (or both). How do you get your clients to trust you with their stories?

“Have them talk about the good, bad and ugly in their lives.”

As Fallston Group advises clients, “If you don’t tell your story, someone else will. And if someone else tells your story, it certainly won’t be the story you want told.” For more tips on telling your story, Rob’s book is available on Amazon in hardcover, as well for Kindle. To learn more about Fallston Group visit

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