A Special Tribute Video to Non-Profits & Philanthropists.

Please enjoy this 2:30 minute video of just a few of the most impactful moments we’ve experienced through our lenses at ELM. There are too many moments to choose from and wish we could put all of them in here and name each of you individually. It’s been an honor. And thank you to our talented edit squad, Rebecca McCutcheon & Jody Weldon for crafting this piece so thoughtfully.

We simply wanted to make a tribute video to say “Thank you” to the dozens of non-profit enitities and philanthropists that we have the pleasure of serving who are dedicated to making the world a better place for our great-grandchildren.

Our mission is to help good people, good causes, and good companies get their message into the world as far and as wide as possible so they can grow. That’s it. From e-commerce sites to non profits.

We entered the marketing world from the side of story and heart. The right brain. As filmmakers telling emmy-award winning tales in the world of journalism, it was our job to bring awareness to troubling issues through the lenses of human beings. So working from non-profits, foundations, and philanthropists has been a natural fit since the day we opened our doors more than six years ago. They make the world better and we’re just thankful we can help use video production to get their message out to the masses.

Darren Durlach

About Darren Durlach

Darren is a film director and co-founder of Early Light Media, a video production agency based in Baltimore. He enjoys writing about storytelling, filmmaking, and video marketing to help organizations communicate more effectively with their audiences.

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