We Need Your Vote To Win A Webby!

We are honored to learn that “We Heard You,” an animated epic tale that we produced & directed for Payactiv, with agency partner Round Table Companies, has been shortlisted for a Webby Award. However, this does require some action. While the shortlist is created by a panel of jurors, to win requires a popular vote. We need to get the word out and get as many people voting as possible. Webby’s are truly an honor to be nominated for, but let’s win this one!

The competition in our category – longform branded video – is about as stiff as a glass of 21 year Glen Livet. You may have heard of them: Google, HBO, & AMC Networks. Needless to say, help your lil’ pal ELM with a boost. Cast your vote for “We Heard You” today here. This is ELM’s 2nd nomination for a Webby but we did not win for Throw in 2017. This is it! We got this.

The Webby Awards are awards for excellence on the Internet presented annually by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, a judging body composed of over two thousand industry experts and technology innovators.

The film that has now been viewed on Youtube more than 2.5 million times is now moving onto the Addy’s National competition on June 11, 2021 to compete amongst the best advertising work in the country.A truly collaborative endeavor from beginning to end, we partnered with the agency Round Table Companies to produce this short animated brand film for Payactiv that tells the story of an hourly worker named Robby (The Robot) who is empowered and transformed by an open-minded new offering from his company that allows him access to his earned wages. Earned Wage Access saves the average American worker $250 each month.

“American families are facing more financial stress than they have in generations,” said Safwan Shah, CEO and Co-Founder of Payactiv. “The timing gap between work and wages is the main reason workers get hit with punitive late fees, overdraft fees and other penalties. Cumulatively, these fees reduce wages by seven percent every month. The Payactiv platform is the only system where everyone wins: employers lift worker morale with little to no cost and huge dividends; employees get wages when they actually need them most; and cash re-enters the economy faster, making communities financially healthier.”

We offer Payactiv as a benefit to our employees at Early Light Media and highly encourage you to offer it to yours as well.



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