We firmly believe that behind every business or service – whether you create pottery with your hands, or build skyscrapers with huge machinery – there’s a story to be told. This challenges us to look beyond the obvious.

But it’s not always easy.

When the Center for Innovative Gyn Care (CIGC) approached us to create in-depth videos on gynecological conditions, procedures and techniques, we knew we had our work cut out for us. Not only is their subject matter pretty foreign to us, it also dealt with highly complex and sensitive medical procedures.

CIGC comprises a team of laparoscopic specialists who have redefined the meaning of minimally invasive care. The communications goals for their desired videos were to educate and reassure potential patients on various techniques and procedures, dispel myths surrounding issues such as robotic surgery and power morcellation techniques, and most importantly, communicate CIGC’s core values and patient-centric approach to care in a compelling and relatable way.

We recommended a series of videos to meet their multifaceted needs, including videos highlighting their core values and approach to care, real life patient testimonials and technical videos to explain surgical procedures.

Making Doctors Relatable

One thing that stood out to us in conducting interviews with the doctors was how much the CIGC team really does care about its patients as individuals. Surgery of any kind can be scary and having the doctors talk about their personalized approach to care helps prospective patients feel at ease.

Reassuring Patients

In speaking with real-life patients, we had to keep in mind how sensitive and personal this topic is for women who have undergone these procedures. We adjusted our interview techniques to suit the comfort level of each patient — producing a genuine and heartfelt testimonial that didn’t feel scripted.

Dr. Mackoul and his partners gave me my life back, one hundred percent.

Beth, CIGC Hysterectomy Patient

Simplifying Complex Procedures

Years of experience in journalism has taught us not only how to get the best stories, but also how to break down complex issues into easily digestible forms for the audience. We approached this project in much the same way, creating animations and infographics to simplify highly technical procedures and demonstrate specific surgical techniques.

The results of our three-month project was a series of 17 videos, which make up the cornerstone of the CIGC website.

We are building on the success of our initial video campaign with re-cuts of material to create pre-roll and foresee a fruitful partnership with CIGC going forward. Most importantly, we were able to work together to find the human stories that bring CIGC’s work to life.

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