For many reasons that go beyond the fact that this is ELM’s birthplace, we love Baltimore. We love the rich culture it has to offer, from the beautiful Inner Harbor to the quaint and quirky neighborhoods. Most of all we love the characters who reside here, because they make up the fabric of Charm City.

When we started working with Visit Baltimore, it should come as no surprise that we were excited to partner with the organization tasked with showcasing the greatness of this city that we love. Visit Baltimore lives, eats, and breathes Charm City, a place that is firmly entrenched in our country’s history.

Our relationship began as a way of highlighting the many large conventions that choose Baltimore as a backdrop for their events. Visit Baltimore’s Director of Meetings & Conventions Marketing, Bridget Weininger, reached out with the idea of creating a series of videos that could be shared with new business prospects.

“There’s nothing more powerful than a colleague or peer telling you why they made their decision to have their meeting or convention in Baltimore,” said Weininger. “The video testimonials are the next best thing to having a live conversation.”

Working with Visit Baltimore, we created testimonials to showcase conventions like the Natural Products Expo East and SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing, to generate buzz about the city and how great it is as a conference destination.

Video is the fastest and most genuine way we can provide information to all the groups that look to us for guidance and updates.

Bridget Weininger, Director of Meetings & Conventions Marketing, Visit Baltimore

However, in April 2015, our task shifted to try and counter balance the negative media attention that started to surround our city. In the wake of local protests, Visit Baltimore reached out to us create quick-turn videos, allowing the agency to communicate rapidly and efficiently with their many stakeholders about what to expect in the city. Naturally, people who were not from the area were concerned about their safety, among other things.

“We decided that video is the fastest and most genuine way we can provide information to all the groups that look to us for guidance and updates,” said Weininger. “It was critical that we anticipated their questions and answer them as soon as possible.”

Together we created a series of videos to answer questions and also offer support to not only the city and its businesses, but to the thousands of tourists that flock to her doorsteps. The videos took on concerns directly, reassuring those booking and traveling to our city that they would be safe. Visit Baltimore posted the videos directly to their website and we shot regular updates as new information became available.

Only time will tell the toll that the events of this past spring will have on Baltimore tourism as a whole. But we are proud to be part of telling the story of what makes our city great.

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