PayActiv | Robby The Robot

We are excited to share some new work that celebrates the humanity of each worker at a time when workers and their families are particularly stressed.

A truly collaborative endeavor from beginning to end, we partnered with the agency Round Table Companies to produce this short animated brand film for PayActiv that tells the story of an hourly worker named Robby (The Robot) who is empowered and transformed by an open-minded new offering from his company that allows him access to his earned wages. Earned Wage Access saves the average American worker $250 each month.

“American families are facing more financial stress than they have in generations,” said Safwan Shah, CEO and Co-Founder of PayActiv. “The timing gap between work and wages is the main reason workers get hit with punitive late fees, overdraft fees and other penalties. Cumulatively, these fees reduce wages by seven percent every month. The PayActiv platform is the only system where everyone wins: employers lift worker morale with little to no cost and huge dividends; employees get wages when they actually need them most; and cash re-enters the economy faster, making communities financially healthier.”

We offer PayActiv as a benefit to our employees at Early Light Media and highly encourage you to offer it to yours as well.

– The creative, script, and concept was co-developed by PayActiv, RTC & ELM
– Directed by Darren Durlach & Corey Blake
– Animated by Hector Espinosa
– Illustrated by Jamie Givens
– Sound Design & Mix by Nick Sjostrom

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