The beauty of a well-conceived documentary brand film is that it can position you as a thought leader, disrupt an industry, make space for change, and further just causes. When all the conditions are right for this type of marketing, this can be a game-changer for your brand positioning and mission.

R.A.W. Tuba (Official Trailer)

Brand Partner: Baltimore School For The Arts

Throw (Official Trailer)

Brand Partner: YoYo Expert

It's About Time (Official Trailer)

Brand Partner: PayActiv

Vulnerability Is Sexy (Official Trailer)

Brand Partner: Round Table Companies

Ukraine Cyber Attacks

Brand Partner: Microsoft

Passing The Agricultural Act of 2014

Brand Partner: US Congress

Documentary Brand Films

Why do brands produce documentaries?

When all the conditions are right for this type of marketing, documentaries can be a game-changer for your brand positioning, profitability, or mission.

If you're passionate about causes that your brand believes in or the mission you're working for, then nothing creates impact and change like a well-crafted documentary brand film.

Who is it for?

If you are disrupting an industry with a new solution and need to change people's habits and perceptions then a documentary can go in-depth, dispel myths, answer questions, and sell the idea.

If you're a CEO who hopes to have a TED talk or a mission-oriented philanthropist planning a fundraiser, a premium documentary brand film can elevate any event or cause to new heights.

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We capture the HUMAN experience because stories about non-living things are unrelatable and boring. Who are we getting to know in this story and who is being transformed? Are those people emotionally accessible and willing to be authentic? We care deeply about people and your viewers do too.


What does it mean to be a "purpose-driven" brand? Are you trying to dominate the world or change it? And what are you hoping to achieve by making a film? Take some time to reflect on these questions. The documentary is at its best when there is a true desire to help that is free of ego.


We partner with brands that add harmony to the world or at least doing their best. We work tirelessly to fulfill our promise to create an impactful film and expect the same commitment from our partners. It's not easy to make something great. But nothing great comes easy.

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