An effective campaign is the perfect marriage of creative storytelling and precise targeting. That’s why ELM’s storytellers are teaming up with 1631 Digital for a free one-hour webinar to teach you how to maximize your ad spend. With a challenging economic recovery predicted, your ad dollars need to be more effective and targeted than ever.

You will learn:

  • How to tell a story in :60 or less
  • How to hyper-target & re-target across channels
  • How to make an ad relatable to your target audience
  • Determining a realistic budget
  • So much more!

Joe Corbe

President / 1631 Digital

Before founding 1631 Digital, Joe held senior advertising positions at The Washington Times, The Baltimore Sun and The Daily Caller. He currently serves on the board of directors of the Grassroots Professional Network; the legislative board for Maryland Tourism Coalition, providing insights on emerging technologies on national podcasts and blogs; and frequently partners with National Advertising Agencies.

Darren Durlach

Creative Director / Early Light Media

Darren is the co-founder of Early Light Media and an Emmy-award winning film/TV director and producer with a diverse storytelling background from journalism, indie films and brand films to TV & digital advertising. He is driven to use his storytelling skills to partner with organizations that are committed to conscious capitalism and adding harmony to the world.