For years, our Baltimore, Maryland based creative team has dedicated themselves to mastering the heart & science of video storytelling in both long & short form video production methods. We develop custom ad campaigns, creative ideation, video production, editing, & animation that tells your story or advances it forward. From social media to legacy media, documentary to commercial, awareness to conversion, we understand not only how to make it, but more importantly, how to use it. Read more about the science of video production in the graph below.


D.C. United: Wayne Rooney

Documentary & Storytelling

R.A.W. Tuba (Official Trailer)

Influencer Marketing

The Player's Tribune, Callaway & Golden Tate

Brand Film

PayActiv: "It's About Time

TV Commercial

Loyola University

Web Series

Under Armour

The Science of Video Production


Our background in journalism and documentary films has taught us the power of telling people-driven stories to illuminate bigger issues. For non-profits, that translates into fundraising. Our fundraising films for your campaigns or galas tug at the heart strings.


Building awareness is an art and one area we shine. If you want to create brand awareness or promote a product or service, we dig in to understand what you are about and conceptualize the most on-brand exciting, fresh, and eye catching ads.

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Every company should have an explainer or testimonial video to boost buyer confidence. We build custom, concise explainer videos – animated or live action – and our docu-style is perfect for creating engaging (sometimes emotional) testimonial videos.


Our brand films & web series videos are incredible ways to develop your thought leadership and engage your audience. Our award-winning films screen at festivals, gain massive earned media attention, and set your brand apart from the noise.