Brands so often get caught up telling their audience about their product or service, that they forget that it’s people who we connect with the most and who inspire us.

Which is why we were so excited when PANDORA Jewelry tapped us to tell the stories of eight incredible women they chose to honor for their inaugural Hearts of Today program.

PANDORA’s Hearts of Today program awarded $25,000 each to women who are doing extraordinary things in their communities — from cooking meals for families of mothers with cancer, to granting the wishes of foster children.

“We really wanted to show a day in the lives of these women, to really highlight the reach of the work they are doing for their communities,” said Gia Jurosky, PR Associate at PANDORA Jewelry.

[The videos] really captured the relationship that we as a brand feel with these women.

Gia Jurosky, PR Associate, PANDORA Jewelry

The Hearts of Today series of videos has been shared through the brand’s many channels, including the Official PANDORA YouTube channel, PANDORA Magazine, the Hearts of Today website and through paid opportunities including an e-blast from Real Simple, which linked to the site where videos are hosted.

“We have had nothing but positive feedback about each video so far,” Gia shared. “They really captured the relationship that we as a brand feel with these women.”

We also believe that when a brand goes a step further in its storytelling, a true connection is made. We look forward to telling more stories like these as the PANDORA brand continues to grow.

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